Planitz & Partner was established in the summer of 2007 and has its office in Berlin.
Director is former ambassador Bernhard von der Planitz.
His partners are experts from the fields of diplomacy, business, science and media.

About us

Planitz & Partner is a nationally and internationally active consultancy
with focus on the fields of politics, diplomacy and protocol.

Consulting in the field of politics:

Having served in the diplomatic service of the Federal Republic of Germany for 36 years (his last position being Chief of Protocol of the German Government), former ambassador Bernhard von der Planitz has a wide network of contacts – both national and international – to government representatives, to members of parliament, to political parties and foundations as well as to leading personalities in the fields of business, culture, society, and the media. His international contacts focus on the areas of transatlantic relations and on the Near and Middle East.

Consulting in the field of diplomacy:

Due to his extensive contacts to the diplomatic corps in Germany, Bernhard von der Planitz has extensive experience in establishing contacts to foreign governments, in issues relating to diplomatic privileges and immunities, in providing assistance in matters of claims and debts.

Consulting in matters of protocol:

Due to his years of experience as head of the Protocol Department of the German Foreign Ministry and as Chief of Protocol for the German government, Bernhard von der Planitz is familiar with all aspects of diplomatic protocol, including questions of consular law and of medals and official decorations.


Bernhard von der Planitz has had many years‘ experience as a speaker on a wide range of topics at national and international venues.

Lectures on various aspects of foreign policy, in particular:

> Near and Middle East policy
> Transatlantic relations
> International Protocol
> Business Etiquette

Former ambassador

Bernhard von der Planitz

Bernhard von der Planitz

Bernhard von der Planitz studied law at the universities of Munich and Erlangen. He joined the German Foreign Service in 1970.

His postings included Rome , Algiers, Jeddah, Tel Aviv, and Washington where, as Counsellor for Political Affairs, he dealt primarily with American Middle East policy. He was Deputy Chief of Mission in Helsinki and Consul General in New York.

Mr. von der Planitz held various positions at the Foreign Office in Bonn and Berlin. He also served on the staff of Federal President Richard von Weizsäcker (1988-1991) as a foreign policy advisor.

He was Chief of Protocol for the German government from 1996 – 2000. After serving as Consul General in New York, he was Chief of Protocol again from 2003 until his retirement in 2006. Since then he has been a consultant to companies which are active in Germany as well as internationally.

He holds several voluntary positions, including Senior Councellor at the American Academy in Berlin, Head of the working group on Foreign Policy of the VBKI (Association of Berlin Merchants and Industrialists), Member of the DGAP (German Association on Foreign Policy) and of NUMOV (German Near and Middle East Association).

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